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Don't order from genselect

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22-Jun-12 8:55 pm
I know this site tells you how to make the stuff your self and the supplements to take but I wanted to do it the easy way. Ok so I ordered the douche. A month or so later no product never came and no email. So I finally email them and they tell me FedEx returned my package. They ask me if I want to pay a re-ship fee or they will give me a product refund minus 15% restocking fee. Mind you I paid over 60.00 for the damn douche I wanted to pay the re-ship. What do they do? They give me the refund instead a whopping 21.00 and change I'd have to look again for exact. There customer service sucks big time. They are crooks and why the hell did they bother asking me what I wanted? They did what they wanted. I have never been treated so bad by an Internet company. And for the record I have never had anything returned by FedEx. My husband wants to sue I think paying fifty dollars would be worth suing maybe they would learn how to treat people!

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22-Jun-12 10:27 pm
If  you used a credit card to pay you can dispute the charges and your cc company will refund the full amount. ;)

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22-Jun-12 10:56 pm
I had ordered the complete kit (before I foun this site) I think I paid around $250, lol!! I didn't have any problems with shipment or anything but what a waste of money :P I didn't even end up geting pregnant that month !

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23-Jun-12 11:49 am
If  you used a credit card to pay you can dispute the charges and your cc company will refund the full amount. ;)
I would do this as well as filing a complaint with the BBB. If they want to keep their reputation intact they will give you a refund or reship to avoid a bad mark.
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29-Jun-12 5:55 pm
In defense of GenSelect: FedEx attempted unsuccessfully 3 times to deliver to this client, and even followed up with a postcard to which there was no response. So, they returned the package to GenSelect. As you know, FedEx is a highly professional service, and their failed attempts are documented online in this client’s tracking information. We use FedEx exclusively in the U.S. because they offer a signature service that requires the client’s signature for delivery. We have found no other delivery service as professional and economical. Proof of delivery time is important to the timing requirements for the GenSelect system. The client agreed to FedEx delivery for this order. We offered to reship the package to the client, and she agreed in an email. However, in that SAME email, she told us of the Emu in her yard that prevented deliveries only from FedEx. She also claimed that her fence allowed sticky notes from FedEx to be blown away. And, she claimed not to have received the FedEx postcard. So, the client has now informed us that she wants a reshipment but that it is impossible to deliver it to her. The only solution we had was to refund the client.

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2-Sep-12 7:35 pm

 thanks for sharing this. I was just debating what to do....time is not on our side, so im scared lol

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