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Boy moms, did you have long or complicated labors?

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23-Jun-12 11:20 am

 I would be lying if I said this didnt make me feel better about having a boy this time around!

dd was a NIGHTMARE!

7am water broke

no progress for 15 hours....just painful contractions from pitocin

then 3 failed epi's (while trying to give me a foley AND episiotomy OUCH) 

not fun lol

you think that's a nightmare.... I had severe pre eclampsia and hello syndrome with my dd. Was on magnesium sulfate for 48 hours among other drufa. My bp was 210/115 kidneys were failing and had an emergency cartoon while puking my guts out. Then I was in the icu for my days while my Baby was discharged... Worst experience of my life. So my sons birth wa the easier of the two

DS- Trevor 11/24/05

DD - Kathryn 5/7/2010 at 37+5 weeks!

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