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Anyone doing IVF/PGD now or in July?!

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21-Jul-12 6:41 am
I was really worried about taking all these meds and the side effects, but I've been on Lupron for 11 days now and started Gonal F 3 days ago and have yet to feel any side effects. I'm really shocked by this! It makes me worry that things aren't working, but I go in for monitoring every couple of days, and so far, so good! When I started the gonal F, they cut my Lupron dose in half, from 10 units to 5 units. I take both the Lupron and Gonal F in my belly and the needles are super tiny and don't hurt much at all. I just got back from a blood test this morning, and I think they will start me on Menepur as well today or tomorrow. As overwhelming and scary as all the drugs and needles are, I really don't have any complaints so far!
XX 2009 XX 2011 2012 IVF/PGD for XY: 15 eggs retrieved, all mature, 14 fertilized normally via ICSI, 13 made it for day 3 PGD testing (3 probe: X,Y, & 21), 4 normal XX & 2 normal XY. Transferred both XY. 4dp 5dt BFP! Beta 10dp 5dt - 147 Beta 12dp 5dt - 273 Beta 19dp 5dt - 6,400 Ultrasound 7w4d - Singleton, HB 157 bpm! Ultrasound 17 weeks - Definitely a BOY!!!