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Xmas Baby's Girl Sway... Scan shows various, very clear girly nub shots!

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20-Jun-12 7:07 am



Gender Resulted

Girl hopefully, very clear girly nub. Gender scan end of July.

Link to my ultrasound nub

Swaying Attempt

- Natural





Around 4 to 5 used strips



Douche type and when

No Douche

Replens and when

Used about 2mls of Sylk syringed in before each attempt

Big O

No O





-No pills for minerals, was told the best way to get these minerals was through diet




- Reduced potassium in diet


- Reduced sodium in diet

DH minerals





Dietary Changes

- Tried to lower calories as much as possible and mainly ate foods which were acid forming. Late breakfasts and a lot of dairy- milk, yoghurt (a litre tub of low fat artificially sweetened yoghurt would last me 2 days) Put equal (aspartame) sachets in as many food and drink items as I could handle, hated the way it made things taste though so sometimes found it easier just pouring it into my mouth and letting it melt away. Did this maybe twice a day as well as adding it to some foods.

Drank lots of peppermint tea, cranberry juice and had 2-3 caffeine free diet cokes every day as well as a glass of red wine maybe 4 out of 7 nights a week


Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long?

- Eased up a bit after ovulation.


- yes 1 cup in the morning

DH caffeine

-yes 1 cup in the morning







- B6-: 50- mg from AF-O the 100mg after O-AF then weaned off after BFP.





- 30,000 fresh fruit equiv per day  AF-O







DH supps

- 20,000 fresh fruid equiv per day AF-O




BD cutoff (# of days)

- 1 day cut off- No BD on O day 16.

BD thru O

- No


- No

Frequent BD/how many days

- Everyday PM from cycle day 10-15

Charting O with Temp

- Yes

Charting O with OPK

- No

Fertility monitor used/type

- No

Suspected O date

- Day 16




Oed in what moon phase


Changed ions in other ways?

- Had lavender flowers beside bed and used lavender moisturizer on tummy AF-O




How many kids do you have?

- 1

What gender(s)?


# of months TTC

-2 months. Think we did too much first time round, Probably Lime tampon killed everything or did jump and dump when didn’t use tampon which didn’t help either.

Your Age


BD position


Jump and dump

- No just BD then went to sleep on successful cycle.

EWCM present/how much?

A little bit but got rid of it before attempt.

DH undies type

-tight cotton boxer undies

DH hot bath/shower


OWT - anything under bed?

- Wooden Spoon with pink bow and pink baby socks



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 Sorry dont know why it has posted funny, been trying to solve it for the past hour :/

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20-Jun-12 8:12 am
Good sway, hope you get your girl confirmation in the coming weeks!

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20-Jun-12 12:43 pm

Great job!!!! yes that nub looks just like my dd2!!!!

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Congrats.......looks like a great sway and hope next us also says xx!!!!! Can I ask about jump and dump and the lime tampon.....what did you think you did wrong the first time? I also did jump and dump and then put in a tampon my first attempt.
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Hi freewill, I think it was all too much, as we also did it quite shallow so not sure if anything was able to get up. Did jump and dump right away if not using tampon and on the attempts we did use the tampon I'm thinking I either didn't soak it in enough lime so the tampon actually absorbed everything inside me, or it was too acidic and fried them all, I only had ph strips to test so could have been! Hope this helps! My scan is next friday I really hope the nub stayed flat! :)

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12-Jul-12 8:05 am
Congrats! i see you drink red wine. I know they say no no on the girl diet but i got to say I've noticed by drinking wine cooler every other night my PH is acidic!
Praying hard to God for just 1 after to complete my family .

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