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So Alone ...lost my little boy at 19 weeks.


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28-Jun-12 5:16 pm
aww sweetie i went though the same thing. i know how much you are hurting right now. i know the darkness you are in.  i heard its  girl for the 5th time and i lost it. i cried and cried and screamed and wished the baby would just go away. i got my wish. 2 weeks later my water broke and my daughter was born. she was born alive and kicking but only survived for 2 hours. instead of bringing her home in a  pink blanket i brought her home in an urn. i still cry. i still miss her. i had another daughter a year later but she can never ever replace her sister. although i will say she did help me heal. take comfort in your children.  grieve hun, if you need to talk we will get in touch. thoughts and prayers are with you. hugs

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