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A little nervous and very anxious!!!

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19-Jun-12 3:02 pm

 I am just sooo tired of waiting lol....on July 18th I finally get to have another ultrasound and find out for sure what this baby is...I am so anxious and cant wait for the day i think I have like four more weeks or something lol...I am nervous for lot reasons though..nervous that the baby wont cooperate again...and I wont get a clear answer..again..and I am nervous that 28 weeks is starting to get a little far up there and the baby might be so big you dont see "other" parts...or any at all...ive hear rumors that after a certain point they get harder to read because lack of room...and then im also nervous because I feel like ive mostly got past my gd with it probably being a boy but I am scared how I will react if that is what I hear...for sure...and I know deep down if it is a girl..I wont believe it until shes in my arms because my last one was supposed to be a girl all throughout my pregnancy.....and wasnt...So IDK..i am a little torn about finding out now...We have our names which makes me maybe it wont be so bad for another surprise???? IDK..i just dont want to get let down again or feel that way again....right now i really am ok with a boy..i think...but if i get told it a girl and it isnt idk...i just cant handle that...and im not sure how id handle knowing its a boy for sure now either..i just dont know..well thanks for reading lol...just a torn on what im going to do..maybe have them write it down like i read bout someone else lol.....then DH can atleast know..but idk how to handle that either lol....