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If you got your DG..


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27-Jun-12 1:33 pm

[quote user="Southern Butterfly"][quote user="Canadianttc#4:

This would be my goal. Helping others realize their dream of their DG CAN and does come true. 


I'm here for the exact opposite reason. Even though I am over my GD I still try to hang around to show other moms that you can realize your dream of being happy with your family even without getting your DG. It is possible to move on to enjoy the children you've got and not only be content but truly happy with your family make up. It DOES and CAN happen (easier for some than others) but GD doesn't have to be a life sentence and getting your DG isn't the only cure.





I just wanted to add - I also agree that life doesn't have to be all GD. Many many ppl don't get their DG. I accepted life as what it was before my DG too.

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