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i got my girl eventually

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19-Jun-12 9:57 am
after having a girl 11 years ago then went on to have 3 boys never thought i would finally have girl again, so there is hope for anyone that has 3 boys in a row to go onto having a girl.

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19-Jun-12 10:29 am
Congrats! Thanks for sharing. Give women like us some hope I guess, even though deep down I don't believe I'll ever have a daughter:((

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20-Jun-12 8:08 am
Congrats on your 2nd girl!

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20-Jun-12 8:46 am
Yup there's hope w my DD after 5 DSs
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20-Jun-12 11:36 am
it depends on how many kids you are willing to have i think. 7 girls before we finally got to hear, "its a boy!"

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