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Hypoplastic breast (tubular breast) question????

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23-Jun-12 9:10 pm

Hearts Hi I dont have this condition but wanted to respond to you. With your first pregnancy and baby you have said you become engorged, so that can be a good thing.......sorry you had to stop breastfeeding due to pnd and then with your second baby wanting the bottle more.

I know of a lady who did have this condition and similar she had tried everything with trying to increase her supply she tried medication (domperidone), fenugreek, also the sns (without liking it also), in the end she also went to a specialist who works with hormones and he prescribed some hormones thinking she may have lacked the right hormone to release the milk therefore she couldnt produce more. The lady breastfed with supplementation for 6mths

 The other thing i wanted to say is some professionals get so caught up on numbers on the scales, if the baby is gaining some, has wet 6-8 wet nappies, poos, is not flacid and is waking for feeds and appears happy this has got to be good right? I mean obviously within reason we dont want baby to be hungry and not thrive also.

 The other thing is I believe your birth circumstances can delay the onset of lactation also, so it may not mean you cannot produce milk but it might be delayed.

 Here is a thread that has had some response to your question previously. I really hope it all works out okay for you and that you can use this forum for support when you feel you need it.


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