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My dreams were correct. :(

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20-Jun-12 8:23 am
Sorry you didn't hear pink..when I became pg w DS no 5 I remember hoping an wishing for a DD but he was my fith DS and I can't tell you the guilt I felt being even slightly dissapointed with him.. Out of all my boys he is the biggest mommys boy ..all my boys are to a certain degree but Wyatt is just my biggest fan he calls me his luv luv tells me how beautiful I am everyday...and Wyatt was a oops guess your not sterile after cancer and I just should of been happy at the health of my DH but I couldn't help being upset he was not a she... It wasn't until I chose his name and was able to talk to him that I felt better...:)) hope all is well for you new little guy I'm sure he'll be loved unconditionally a long w your already handsome boys :)
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