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Help name my son!!!

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18-Jun-12 7:56 am

Im going insane lol!

I need a unique NOT POPULAR name (I grew up with Jennifer lol)

Name needs to have "spunk" lol

With an Irish, english, or scottish flare.

All suggestions are welcome!


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18-Jun-12 11:40 am

 For Irish- I tried to find names that weren't out there, but still not common

Alistair- Defender of mankind




Cian (key-in) - Enduring

For English names:





Dean (so handsome!) -great Leader


Eli- The highest



I'm not sure what your name style is but maybe here's a start?


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18-Jun-12 11:42 am

 we just decided to name ours if boy Isaac Owen:D Ike for short:D hehe

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18-Jun-12 12:35 pm
These r some names I like my DS2's name is Colton, and I like Dayton, Chase, Carter, Kale (Kail) , Kahne, Bryce, Spencer, Jackson, Reid, and Zane.

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18-Jun-12 1:27 pm

 I also love Isaac and Connor is a fab irish name.


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19-Jun-12 9:15 am

OMG I love all the suggestions so far!!! keep them coming!!!!

Is it wrong of me to love the name Boone? lol

My daughter is Mollie.....something about Mollie and Boone just sounds adorable haha!

Am I insane?


My amazing daughter 7/10

And her brother EDD 10/20/12

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19-Jun-12 11:21 am

 no mollie n boone sounds like a pair of cute little country bumpkins:D i can picture then playn ouside in the tall grass her in cute sundress and and him cute blue jean over alls and a straw hat hehe sooooo cute rolln around in field of flowers with their doggy:D kinda like this:P...sounds perfect together hehe

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19-Jun-12 12:41 pm
I love the name suggestion Brody!! Mollie and Brody sounds cute together :o)
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19-Jun-12 12:55 pm
Here is the list I pitched to my husband Any stand-outs? Here are the options: Boone Tripp Riggs Trapper Ripley Ridley  Baigh I really like them all haha

My amazing daughter 7/10

And her brother EDD 10/20/12

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19-Jun-12 1:08 pm

 I really still like the Boone and Ridley is cute too:) with mollie that is:D

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19-Jun-12 6:00 pm

 Here are some Irish names I like:


Rylan (ds2's name, lol)








I also like Cohen (but I'm not 100% sure it's Irish)


I like the other names you've already picked out, too :)

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21-Jun-12 1:59 pm
My neighbors have son's named Boone and Bauer. I think Boone is adorable.

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29-Jun-12 9:06 am
Boone is super cute!

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29-Jun-12 9:15 am
I have a Theo but I like Finley, Henry, Issac, Cole

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7-Jul-12 6:34 pm

 my youngest sons name is ALEXANDER GIDEON. i love it, its so unique, but not too far out there :) i usually call him  zander-gids. 

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