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meet Michael


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25-Jun-12 11:50 pm
thank you so much everyone. we are nearing 2 weeks old! i'll try to get more pics but now im adjusting to life with 6 kids, hubby working alot and me going on 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night. michael is such a good baby though. i couldn't ask for a better son. sometimes i look at him and just wish he would stay tiny and little forever so i could hold him. but part is also looking forward to all the joy a little boy can bring to a family. the girls are just smitten. the 1 year old not so much but even the 2 year old has informed me she loves her baby and we should keep him. the older girls are fighting over who gets to change his diaper which i thought was great but as none of us have had a baby boy we quickly learned to make sure he's pointed down at all times! thanks for warning boy moms! lol

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