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meet Michael


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16-Jun-12 7:03 pm

thank you so much everyone, i hope the pic works, i've had bad luck with pics lately. first of all i wanted to send big hugs and thank you to all of you ladies for your continued support throughout this pregnancy. i love you all and i can't tell you how much some of these post have cheered me up throughout long hospital visits and tears.

      let me introduce you to my son!!! Michael. (gosh it feels good to say that!) like i said i had a doc app thurs. morning. so the nurse notcied i was breathing funny and walking funny. i said, "yea he's falling out and im contracting." she put me in a room and i heard her tell the doctor to see me next and check me. doc came straight in and said we can talk later, how r u feeling? i said miserable but i know im still a 5cm. nope i was a good 6 and my bag was about to pop. so she said go home get your stuff and i'll meet you at the hospital.

      i was back at the hospital in about 30 mins. she checked me again. stretchy 7cm! i was going to go natural but i have been in pain for weeks now and im done. plus the anestiaologist was in the room next door, so it was now or never if i wanted drugs. plus i had a huge contraction! so i got drugs. hubby showed up ( my sister kept the kids, thank god) she checked me again, no change. so she broke my water.

      about an hour later i had a baby! 8lbs 2oz.  he had a sugar drip because of my gestational diabetes so his were low. but he perked up after an i.v. now we have jaundice so we go back tomorrow morning for a blood check but they let us go home today. girls are in love and so am i!

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16-Jun-12 7:08 pm

OMG...........! CONGRATULATIONS... I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU...!! Enjoy each and every moment of his.. now your wait is finished... he is precious and adorable...!! God Bless you and your family..!! (((HUGS)))

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16-Jun-12 7:09 pm
 CONGRATULATIONS!!  You have a very handsome son.  Enjoy him!!

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16-Jun-12 7:21 pm
Awww, how adorable is he?! So happy for you and your family!!!!

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16-Jun-12 7:21 pm
Oh he is adorable! Good work mama! I bet you're so glad to have him home and healthy! CONGRATS!!!
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16-Jun-12 7:35 pm

He's so precious, congrats!  Great birth story, too!  Wow, 8lb 2oz, big boy, good job mama!  So happy for you and your family, enjoy your wonderful little man!

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16-Jun-12 7:35 pm

Congratulations Sweetie!  Thanks for the pics. ;)  Hope you are getting some rest!

He's the cutest thing ever!

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16-Jun-12 7:36 pm
PS I'm soooooo proud of you and how well you hung on!  You're tough as nails! (((HUGS)))


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16-Jun-12 7:59 pm

 Congratulations!  He is beautiful!

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16-Jun-12 8:23 pm
Congrats to you and your family!! I'm so happy for you.. Michael is just PERFECT.
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16-Jun-12 8:25 pm

What a BEAUTIFUL baby!!! He is just adorable!!!
I am beyond thrilled for you, your DH and the fact, I am in tears right now!! I feel so silly!! But it's just so sweet that you finally got to meet that little man who has been waiting to join your sweet family.

Wishing you all the best!!! XX

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16-Jun-12 8:38 pm

 ohhhh!! Your son is adorable!!! CONGRATS!!!!


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16-Jun-12 8:42 pm
He is gorgeous!! Congrats!

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16-Jun-12 8:42 pm

Congrats!  Absolutely precious, brings tears to my eyes!

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16-Jun-12 8:44 pm
8 lbs 2oz? Some micropreemie allright!
So, dreams can come true after all...... I am now 2 days overdue and team green by choice (it was tough). I hope I will get to utter these 2 magic words "MY SON" in a VERY near future (please, baby, please, get moving). Needless to say a girl will be just as welcome and loved but it would be a great icing on the cake to be able to write and say to everybody 'meet my son"
Congratulations and all the best to you and your (not so little) man.Wish me luck!
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