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If one more person says wow you have 9 boys....


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15-Jun-12 9:38 pm
I am so sick of people pointing out that I have boys. Its like the public at large thinks they need to remind me I have boys, NO kidding? Really they are boys? I change their diapers, but to be honest I wasn't sure. GRRRRRRrrrrrrrr!!!!! I am so sick of it!! I know they are boys, I am suffering enough GD without every single person I talk to reminding me that I have so darn many boys! Yes I have one girl, and I know that to. I am sure there are many of you who will think I should be happy with my one girl and maybe I should, but it doesn't make my GD any less. I think it has been the worst with this last lil man. He is 3 weeks and I love him dearly, but I am so sad. Not because I don't want him or love him, but because I want and love a baby I don't have. I'm sure that doesn't sound as crazy to you ladies as it would if I actually said it out loud to people IRL. No one understands and I feel so sad and alone. thanks for the vent. I love you all!
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15-Jun-12 10:11 pm
Beautiful family!  Be glad you can get a pic like that!  I can't even get 1 to sit still sometimes!  People with their ridiculous comments are over rated.  Some people have no idea what GD is or the comments that come out of their mouth can be so hurtful.  Next time they say something about 9 boys, say congrats you can count lol!  If only people would come with a filter!  Congrats on your newest edition and again you sincerely have a beautiful family!!
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15-Jun-12 10:14 pm
say congrats you can count lol!
LOVE IT!!! I think my lack of sleep has slowed down my smart come backs, thanks! I do have the most amazing kidos on the whole earth :) I am just sick of peoples comments.
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15-Jun-12 10:16 pm
You are lucky to have nine handsome boys!

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15-Jun-12 10:17 pm

I am filled with smart comments, only because I am pregnant.  I find myself to have NO filter or censor during pregnancy lol!  My coworkers and ds laugh at me but I am ready for the hormone level to go back to normal! 

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15-Jun-12 11:25 pm

I have to say, its not so much the 9 boys - its the 10 kids that has me amazed! My body hardly coped with 2! I think you are amazing!

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15-Jun-12 11:26 pm
Just chiming in to say your family is so cute!!!

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16-Jun-12 12:18 am
You have an amzing family!  Beautiful children!  Dou you plan to have any more?  I think you're amazing!!!!

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16-Jun-12 12:37 am

I have 3 amazing boys <3 <3 <3

I would love 9 boys but prob only one more for us!

I think your very special to have a lovely large family xx


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16-Jun-12 12:55 am
You have beautiful children!! People always say such stupid things. I love the "congrats, you can count!" idea, lol!
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16-Jun-12 1:03 am

Your family is beautiful. Lucky you. Hearts I would love 10 kids but only want one girl so you have the perfect family to me.


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16-Jun-12 2:33 am

 LMAO next time they comment I'd stop look completly astounded and say oh crapI was wondering why they got so annoyed when I tried to put them in dresses!

and for the record you do have a beautiful family. 

I do feel your pain with 6 boys I get it all the time. Along with I hope you're not planning anymore, and the contradicting oh bet you want a little girl.

FFS it's like seeiing someone homeless in the gutter and saying ohh bet you wish you had a house!

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16-Jun-12 2:36 am


I have to say, its not so much the 9 boys - its the 10 kids that has me amazed! My body hardly coped with 2! I think you are amazing!



Totally agree. You must be avery patient woman.


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16-Jun-12 3:29 am

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16-Jun-12 3:39 am
I think your family is awesome! I mean that! My new dream family is one girl and tons of boys! No way would DP let me go for 10 though! But that is seriously awesome, especially as your daughter is exactly in the middle (I think?). She will just love being the only girl! She will be spoiled rotten with all those boys around. I totally get why you are sad, but I definitely think you should focus on the positives. How few people get 9 boys! That is like winning the jackpot a few times over! Your family is so special and rare and unique that it is soooooooooooooo cool! As for the comments, next time someone says you have 9 boys stand back and stare for a minute and go, 'OMG, we've lost 6 somewhere' and that'll prob shock them into silence! People are tubes. Some people lack any sort of social awareness at all! Pity them. Shake your head at them. Ignore them!
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