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For all boy moms with GD....

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15-Jun-12 3:46 pm
I had to share this picture (it's from an Etsy seller's web page: Maddie Kate if anyone's interested!). I don't know why, but seeing these beautiful brothers, dressed up so adorably, just melts my heart. I'm trying to count my blessings today: a friend of mine contacted me this morning to tell me she'd lost her much-longed-for DC2 (they found no heartbeat at her latest scan). She dotes on her DS and would have been delighted with a DC2 of either gender. DS2 is kicking up a storm now and that's really helping me to feel connected: I hope all you mamas are feeling better today, too xxx
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15-Jun-12 3:50 pm
Very cute little guys

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15-Jun-12 4:23 pm
Adorable Boys! And I want those Outfits! Thanks for posting this Happy Smile

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15-Jun-12 4:38 pm

So sweet!  It makes me feel better about my DS2 on the way.

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15-Jun-12 4:42 pm
Awww, they are so cute!! One year at Christmas I had all of my boys dressed in the same PJs... They don't let me do things like that often, but they sure look cute when they do.

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15-Jun-12 5:15 pm

 So cute! I dressed my boys in the same or coordinating outfits over the winter quite a bit. Then I gave up Happy LMAO

I can't wait to get pics of the 3 of  them dressed up coordinating when the new one comes. 

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15-Jun-12 8:46 pm
What a CUTE pic, just so adorable holding hands!

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15-Jun-12 10:06 pm
Thanks for sharing that, I look so forward to that with ds2 on the way. 
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16-Jun-12 1:07 am
Oh my gosh they're cute!! Actually, dressing both of my sons in the same outfit was one of the things that helped me get over my GD. I LOVE pictures like this!
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16-Jun-12 4:59 am

 They are sooo adorable.  My boys are 5 years apart so I haven't been able to do as much outfit coordination as I would like, but I did buy them matching sweater vests yesterday!  They are going to kill me. HeHe.

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