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12 week u/s CLEAR nub shot....Any guesses?

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15-Jun-12 2:39 am

I'm new to this whole nub guessing and i find it quite interesting.... this pic of my 12 week old bub is a hard one for me (probably because it is mine)! It looks as though the nub is pointing slightly upwards, but then when I look at the lower part of the babys spine it is also on a slight angle up....also the end of the nub is pointing down ever so slightly.....any guesses would be muchly appreciated :) also if you could briefly descibe why you think it is that particular gender so I can have a greater understanding on the 'nub theory' :) Cheers x

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15-Jun-12 7:26 am
I'm sorry, but I think it's 50/50 from this image. Do you have any other pics??

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15-Jun-12 7:32 am

Boy!  See the little bump on top of the straight line?  That is a clear sign of a boy.  Congrats!


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15-Jun-12 9:44 am

Boy!  See the little bump on top of the straight line?  That is a clear sign of a boy.  Congrats!



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15-Jun-12 7:22 pm

Thanks Ladies :) I just assumed that the 'bump' on top of the nub was just part of the leg as it is quite far up.... I will attach another image, but Im not too sure if this one will make it easier or not :) Oh, I should also mention I was 12+1 when this u/s was done but the baby was measuring 12+3.....thanks ladies all your input is FAB!!

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16-Jun-12 1:48 am

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17-Jun-12 9:57 am
Boy :)

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17-Jun-12 10:10 am
i think boy also :)
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