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He's darling now...but...

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14-Jun-12 8:32 pm
My son is now almost 5 months old. I love him dearly and he is so little and sweet and funny and cuddly, and such a darling little baby, I thought I was over my GD but after I've spent a bit more time with boy toddlers I was reminded of why I was feeling so much fear and pain related to GD in the first place. I didn't write the passage below, but this does a good job summing up my fears:

Boys are a creature all their own. They are loud and crazy, and they play rough. They like things that make loud noises, make big messes, and things they shouldn't even play with... Like power tools. In most games, young boys clobber, kill, or cream someone. If four girls are playing house in a preschool classroom, it's not uncommon for four boys to go in and rob them. These games and fantasies, while disturbing to some, are not unusual. In fact, they are the norm.

Please please *pleeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee* tell me that I can prevent this from happening? I am terrified at the thought that my darling and sweet little cuddle bug will turn into a wild and rambunctious child that's described above. I am not going to allow aggressive, violent or hostile play and plan on buying gender neutral doll houses, tea sets, cuddly stuffed animals and even a baby doll for my son when he gets older and not toy weapons or anything that may promote aggressive play. But is it just inevitable that these efforts will fail and my child will become wild and hyper and over-active?

For moms of sensitive boys, any suggestions on how I can mold him into a sweet, sensitive and nurturing child? Thank you.