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MSU July

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28-Jul-12 9:30 am

Girls, finally in 2WW Happy  LOL. I made my attempt this morning. It wasn't the perfect sort but as general I'm happy with my attempt.I had breakfast, drunk a cup of mineral water PH 9.7 with baking soda, drunk a cup of orange and lemon juice and drunk 2 little spoons of caugh syrop. DH had breakfast, drunk coffee and orange and lemon juice an hour before BD and also BSD drink. The EW has PH9.3, I used 3 test tubes for my attempt and left them for one hour in the incubator. Onlyone was with good sort, in the other ones EW and semen have mixed. I did BSF one hour before inserting the IC, another BSF when I removed it.  I stayed with the IC for 3 hours with a laptop on my belly, 3 mobile phones around me :), air conditioning and TV on.

My PH before the attempt was 7, after BSF 8, DH's PH was only 8. I hope to have BFP soon! One step closer to my baby boy PrayBaby Boy

P.S. I haven't used EW to coat my cervix because there was a lots of CM, after inserting the IC I had 2 big Os within these 3 hours  

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