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Breaking up the "PP" ... would you?

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13-Jun-12 8:56 am

Just curious....

 As I have always wanted 3-4 kids (now thinking 3 would be the max lol)

Would you mess with the girl/boy pair? Or leave it alone?

Being a mom is so difficult when it comes to big baby making decisions lol

Now that I have my girl, and a boy cooking....I am questioning myself about having a 3rd later on. I was thinking it would be much later not for 4 years.

So I would have a 6yr old and 4yr old and a newborn

Am I crazy?

I wonder if by having a girl/boy already I will not have any preference with # 3 either way?

Too much to think about haha

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13-Jun-12 11:30 am

I have always wanted to have three or four children. I have a PP with my first two and I really do want to have a third in a few years.

If we do, we will not be finding out the sex of our third and by the time he/she is born, my oldest two could be eight and four. I would not have a preference either.

I think that it is very different for me as I struggled to get pregnant with my two children. I really did want to have at least two regardless of gender though. I just did not want my son to be an only child and I wanted a healthy baby.

I don't think you are crazy though. I love my children and my husband and I see my children as a reflection of us and if I could, I would probably would not stop at three but logistics is an issue.

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13-Jun-12 11:43 am

I wouldn't have a problem with it if I wanted 3 kids...the pp thing wouldn't matter to me.  I've always wanted 2 so my count will stay at 2. Happy

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13-Jun-12 12:07 pm
I would like a third someday, which would break up my pp, but it's because I can't imagine never being pregnant or giving birth or having a newborn again.

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13-Jun-12 2:10 pm
what is pp?

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13-Jun-12 2:56 pm

what is pp?

PP is pigeon pair where you have two children, one boy and one girl. I usually hear this with twins but with one of each, it is the same. Happy

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13-Jun-12 3:13 pm

Totally would! Gender wouldn't matter as long as I wanted more kids, because for me, I'd want the child, not the sex. I wanted 4 DH wanted 1, and now we are having 3! haha! But he's getting snipped afer this so even if I had gotten two boys first, which I wanted I'd still go for #3!

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13-Jun-12 3:24 pm
yea i hated having 2(not gender related at all) just didn't seem enough.............far too quiet lol

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13-Jun-12 3:49 pm
I always wanted 5, regardless of gender. I would really like at least 4. Might have to work on getting no 5 (hopefullycomplete can give me some tips on wangling that ;-)) I don't see a PP as the ideal at all (for me). It is nice to get one of each but equally nice to get same sex siblings. My friend always wanted 2 little girls, had her first and it was a boy and then wanted her second to be a boy too to have the same sex sibling thing. She is having a girl and is happy about it now. I'd say if you want 3/4, then have 3/4! I have 3 five and under (oldest just turned five) and it is a lot of work! But my kids are high maintenance in the nicest way possible!
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13-Jun-12 5:42 pm

 I always wanted three kid regardless of gender.  So if you wanted three kids, like you said you did, no reason not to.  I am not having a third just to try for a girl (although that's what I hope it is).  If I had a boy and a girl I would still want a third.

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13-Jun-12 5:47 pm

I always wanted 4, and did not quit after my pp :)

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13-Jun-12 6:02 pm
I have a PP. I am happy with my 2 kids and would feel stretched in every way if I added a 3 rd. But if you have always wanted 3 go for it!

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13-Jun-12 6:51 pm
It depends on how upset you would be if the baby is not your dg. If you'd be ok with two kids who are not girls, I say go for it, especially if you. Wanted a larger family. I personally will most likely stop now since I had problems with my pregnancies. However, anyone wanting a third after a pp, I see it as adding to the pp, not breaking it up :-). Tough decision, I know.

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13-Jun-12 7:39 pm
I have 4 kids 3 and under(3 year old twins and almost 6 month old twins)..I have 3 boys and 1 girl and I'd love to have a sister for my daughter but I can't(health reasons..severe preeclampsia/post eclampsia) and I have always wanted 3 kids but I got a bonus one is what I say:-)..

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14-Jun-12 12:58 am

I have a PP, and we are done. Not because we have one of each, but because I dont thinkmy body could handle another pregnancy.

Truth be told I would love another one Happy Wink but my head tells me im done.

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