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Struggling with circumcision decision!!


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5-Jul-12 5:45 pm

you are right too. its just the norm here in america. im the oldest in my family so all the men in my life have been circumcised, my brother, my cousins, my nephews, my boyfriends and husbands. only 1 time have  i met a man who wasn't. my ex fiance who was from London. seems odd for a british man to be circumcised, i had no idea. and he was shocked that most men in america did this even though they were not jewish. for me the sex wasn't any better it was just odd to see one like that. i honestly thought it was broken at first, i didn't know they came like that, as i had never been exposed to anything different.

    but thats another thing. jewish mothers have those big parties when their child gets circumcised, they aren't told its crazy. its just part of their religion. maybe since america is this huge "melting pot" we just kinda took things from others and made it our own?

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