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Struggling with circumcision decision!!

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4-Jul-12 2:02 am
Ruby_red"][quote user="Alyx:
We haven't had our three boys done and won't be either unless medically necessary. I'm in England where it's not the done thing at all. TBH I find it pretty awful as do most people I know and I have no idea why on earth you would agree to have part of your son's body cut off for no reason. Sorry I know you didn't ask for opinions but maybe you should let your son decide whether he wants it done or not when he's older.[/quote] Alyx same here..I hear on the radio the other day that they are looking at making circumcision for reasons other than medical necessity, illegal in the UK on the grounds of grievous bodily harm.. I don't think it's possible to actually do a thread like this and not get people's opinions. Especially those of us that have grown up in countries that view it as barbaric as female circumcision is perceived elsewhere.
 I understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I was asking for experiences from boy mums who have circumcised their sons. I know that people don't agree with it and thats fine.