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Struggling with circumcision decision!!

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15-Jun-12 6:45 pm
Both of my sons are circ'd and although it was very stressful to sit in the waiting room while they took them away (got them done at a week old) it wasn't so bad. We thought it through and weighed pros and cons. We actually knew a few men that got in done as adults because they had so many issues being uncirc'd. That really pushed us over the edge to make the decision. In Ontario Canada it cost us $450 per child which be pretty $$$$. They took the baby, gave a topical analgesic to the area, and was given tylenol. He was gone for about 15 mins and came back to get comforted. I found that hardest part the first few days of diaper changes...but once it's healed (a week) it's no biggie at all. I don't know, it's obviously a personal decision, but I doubt there are any men out there that wished they weren't done. Most women prefer it (at least I think so).
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