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a boy for sure? 16wks.

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12-Jun-12 4:42 pm

 Pregnant with 2nd baby and got an u/s last week at 6wks 3days. We were told near enough straight away it was another boy. we are obviously over the moon at the fact he is healthy and well. Although...i have to say, i feel terrible for it, but i felt a sudden surge of disappointment as we were so sure it was a little girl and looking forward to having a daughter. has anyone out ther had wrong gender at 16wk u/s? and could you PLZ take a look at my scan pic and give me your thoughts as to gender ( still think im having a girl ). thank you.

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12-Jun-12 5:08 pm
Looks like a boy! ! Congrats x

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12-Jun-12 5:12 pm
That looks like a little boy to me!

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12-Jun-12 5:38 pm
Yep boy!!

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15-Jun-12 7:56 am
tiene pinta de boy....

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15-Jun-12 9:04 am

Def a boy.

I actually desired a same gender family but got a girl/boy combo.

I think same gender families are the cutest! <3



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15-Jun-12 9:09 am
It does look like a boy. Baby Bear Boy

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