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nub theory angle of the dangle more fixed form 11w+ hence more accurate?


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12-Jun-12 2:30 pm
ok so i have been doing the nub theory for over 6 years and always assumed that if you get a good nub shot once it is visible at 9 weeks plus you can venture a good guess about gender. now i have had a scan at 10.4 weeks and read in some other posts that scans less than 11 weeks and a few days are not accurate....
now if the nubs of both boy and girl is a protruding tubercule at the end of the bottom and one determines gender by the angle of the dangle rule....then why is a nub that is clearly visible at 10 weeks not anymore accurate than that at 12 weeks? has this something to do with the fact that the tubercule is flexible at that stage i.e. 11 weeks or less and can move from one angle to another and as the weeks progress i.e. form 10 weeks to 11.5 weeks.....the tubercule becomes more rigid and fixed into place based on the gender of that baby?...cause that will only explain to me why a nub seen at 10 weeks in whatever position is less accurate as the same nub at 12 weeks. cause in both stages the tubercule is still protruding.....and sticking out the same.....

can someone clarify this for me please as on pic shows my nub pretty flat and it was like that most of the time during the scan and i have seen that too at 8wand 5 days (i had a clear white line at the end of the bottom but was told it was too early then) and then i have another pic of the same scan and it looks like a 90 degree nub......sticking up......although i concentrated and i knew that at times the leg got in the way but if you see my boy nub pic it really looks like a perfect boy shot.

i have another third pic and the nub cannot really be seen but i see something of fork hiding behind the thigh....

i would be really curious as to why 11 weeks + is more accurate than less than 11 weeks....when at both times the nub is sticking out just the same....

so the question is....are nubs less than 11weeks flexible and those at 11week+
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