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How do you know when your family is complete?!....

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12-Jun-12 12:50 pm

Hi Ladies,

I am new to this forum although I have read through many of your posts over the years this will be the first time I have posted.

I have 3 amazing boys age 11, 15 months and 10 weeks who I adore and love more than anything in the world.

The thing is me and my partner are very happy with are family and although we thought that we would stop after our suprize baby 3 I cant help but feel sad the thought of not adding one more baby to our family in the near future we even talked about him having the snip and now were having second thoughts because that sort of makes thing final and I just don't feel done yet!! although i think my partner would be happy either way.

 So am I being selfish in wanting to add one more to our family in the future and should I be happy with what I have got or would I regret not having another one! were still quite young aswel



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12-Jun-12 1:25 pm

 I always wondering this myself.. however if you are wondering- then you probably are not done.  Last year I *knew*  I wanted another one, and so we decided to try again.. and now I know after this baby Im done.  lol.


If you are unsure- dont make permanent decisions that cant be changed. 

Good luck with your decision.  


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12-Jun-12 2:06 pm

Thank you for your reply I am just trying to figure out how to use this lol....

You see thats what I mean I think you know when your done and I just dont feel done yet, but at the same time I dont want to be or sound ugrateful for what I already have.


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