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enough room for 4?

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12-Jun-12 4:22 am
I am 6 months pregnant with number 3, and my thoughts have already been thinking ahead to number 4! My concern is space. We live in a 3 bedroom house in the UK, it is 774 sq ft so a lot smaller than some american homes! There are 3 adults and 2 soon to be 3 kids living here. My mum lives with us, and has her own room. My partner and I have a room and the boys share a 49 sq ft bedroom, they have a low level bunkbed (to show how small the room is, the bunk bed takes up just under half the floor space!). When the baby arrives, he will be in our bed but we aren't sure what will happen when he is bigger, let alone if we have another! Moving is not an option at the moment, this house is social housing so subsidised which means we pay cheaper rent and we are currently clearing our debts with every spare penny we have. Our future plans are to move and buy a house, but first we need to become debt free then save for a deposit, so it's going to be a few years yet. I just wonder if it is fair on a child to have to share and live in close to their siblings? How important is house size anyway? I don't agree that children need their own room, and my boys tend to share a bed even though they have one each! We will eventually have a bigger home, but it is the next few years that will be tricky. My mum has no current plans to move, nor do we want her to as she is a values member of our family and contributes to the rent and bills, plus the housework! And my children have a really special relationship with their Nana that comes from her living with us. If the 3rd bedroom (which is a double) was available to us then I would have no problems having 4 kids in this house! Any advice ladies?