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Lost my 7th yesterday.


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9-Jun-12 6:27 am

 Lost my 7th baby yesterday, Im heartbroken... 

They did a scan at the hospital and it was 8 weeks when it died, Im trying to cope but i had scan at 5 weeks and everything was fine... What happened to change in the 3 weeks... I just dont understand it. 

Ive got to have a d&c as i cant do it naturally (Happened before at 8 weeks 5 days) So im not looking forward to it. Does anyone know if they will give you the ashes of the baby if you ask for them? I want to make them into a necklace so i can wear it constantly.

This pregnancy was a surprise, but in the end it was so wanted by me, Now i just feel its been snatched away.

Im dreading the testing they are wanting to do afterwards also to find out why im miscarriaging so much, But i hope they find out why so then hopefully i can go on to have another healthy baby.


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9-Jun-12 7:33 am
I'm so so sorry about your loss. Hugs

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9-Jun-12 7:39 am

Hi, I just wanted to say im so sorry for your losses :( I hope they figure out whats going on and that you'll have another Happy and Healthy pregnancy.


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9-Jun-12 9:02 am
I'm very sorry about your losses hun
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9-Jun-12 4:18 pm
I'm so sorry for all your losses.

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24-Aug-12 2:00 pm
I am so sorry for your losses! Were you on baby asprin or progeterone? Have then done the extensive blood work testing to find anything? My heart breaks for you! Each loss is so tough!

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