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Prince or Princes book?

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7-Jun-12 7:29 pm

Hi All,

I hope this is the right place to share my swaying experience. I've never heard of swaying for a gender before and as I was debating to try for a 3rd and last child, I looked at many options (natural vs un-natural) by google my search. I heard and read of different swaying methods and it all sounds promising. I didn't know where to begin. However, as I researched deeper, I discovered that Alicia Pennington book gave me the most promising attempt to get the gender of my choice.  I downloaded the book for $40 online and followed each of her steps in trying to conceive a boy. Seriously, I am not big on figuring out the terms, follow all the details, but this was so easy to follow/read (and humorous too). I believe I am pregnant with a boy (if the ultrasound picture looks correct) now and pray for a smooth pregnancy until I deliver in October.

 Anyway, I'm not here to advertise for her, but just wanted to share with you my experience.  I've thought about IVF with gender preference process (did many interview screenings), but the price tag was too steep for me and the success rate is not 100%; therefore I came to term with this book.  In the process of trying for our 3rd one, I told myself I would be ok if I have another girl (success rate is 83% according to Alicia).  I know many of you are seeking the same thing, like I did and I wish you nothing the best.  If you're stuck, maybe you should give this book a chance. Its not published anywhere, only online.