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Anyone Want to take a guess at our first babies nub? 13+1

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7-Jun-12 12:47 pm
Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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7-Jun-12 1:14 pm


2 sweet DS's Baby Bear Boy 2004  Baby Bear Boy 2007

IT's A GIRL!!!

Swayed and prayed hard for a DAUGHTER, expecting her!!! December 2, 2012


#5 coming July 2015 ?

No dots!

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7-Jun-12 1:22 pm



ColeBaby Bear Boy 2004     CaidenBaby Bear Boy 2006       KodyBaby Bear Boy 2011    JaceBaby Bear Boy 2012  My UNplanned home birth baby... ♥
Baby GIRL due July 19, 2015  

 "Boys are meant for kisses and hugs, For watching rainbows and catching
bugs, For sharing all of your favorite things, For books to read and
songs to sing.  Blue jeans and trucks, scrapes on his knees, Running in the Dirt, and being a tease. Making a face, and build and destroy. There's nothing like just being a BOY!" ????


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7-Jun-12 1:24 pm

 I am new to this and was going to say girl so I think I am cathcing on:D lol cuz everyone else said girl so far:D Congrats on your first baby:D my sister just found out shes pregnant with her first so I am very excited and will be posting many many nub pics once she gets them....:D Good luck!

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7-Jun-12 1:26 pm
Thank you everyone! Congratulations to your sister.Apart from the morning sickness and tiredness, carry my first baby is the best feeling in the world :) We are really hoping for a girl! Any other guesses?

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7-Jun-12 1:27 pm

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7-Jun-12 1:29 pm


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7-Jun-12 1:31 pm


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7-Jun-12 1:50 pm
:D Can i just ask how everyone "knows" this? i cant seem to get my head around the nub theory

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7-Jun-12 3:14 pm

 Baby Bear GirlThe nub is flat and you are over 13 weeks so it won't rise at this point.

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7-Jun-12 5:02 pm

Baby Bear Girl  x

 Baby Bear Boy 13 Baby Bear BoyBaby Bear Boy 2  &  expecting Baby Bear Girl Oct 2012

Our family is complete Hearts


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7-Jun-12 5:04 pm
Baby Bear Boy 2006 Baby Bear Boy 2007 Baby Bear Boy 2010

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7-Jun-12 5:05 pm
guessing Baby Bear Girl

Hearts    2004 Baby Boy, 2006 Twins Baby BoyBaby Boy, 2010 Baby Boy, and finally our Baby Girl 2012    Hearts

Who are my world and the air that I breathe, all so very handsome and beautiful, mummys heart belongs to u all always!!!!!

Baby Girl Suprise little princess born 8th Dec 2012 after DH had a vasectomy almost 2 yrs ago

, shes our little miracle, a real beautiful little darling, our beautiful family is now complete xxx Hearts

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7-Jun-12 5:07 pm

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8-Jun-12 8:50 am
Girl, congrats!

Baby Girl (2010)... Baby Girl #2 Due July 3, 2013

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