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Lactating!?! I'm not Pregnant..What's going on?

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6-Jun-12 6:22 pm
I had an itch on my boob today, scratched it and noticed my nipple was wet. I squeezed it and liquid came out! Then I squeezed the other and it squirted out what looked like milk. Now they are leaking. I'm freaking out because I got off the pill last month to TTC a girl in July. I took a few pregnancy tests but are negative. We have only BD once with protection since I've been off the pill. What is causing this, Could it be the prenatal vitamins im taking or is my body confused from getting off the pill? Has this happened to anyone else before?
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6-Jun-12 10:51 pm

 Do you have older kids?I am still lactating from my youngest who was born 18 months ago.

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7-Jun-12 9:02 am

 It took forever for my milk to end after bfing DS3.  Also, certain times of the month I do seem to produce a little colostrum if squeezed.  It's probably a hormonal thing.

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7-Jun-12 11:49 am
No I have no kids but we are TTC. I'm almost positive that stopping the birth control is causing this because my hormones are all messed up and my body is confused.
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7-Jun-12 12:51 pm
I found this online if it helps any, hope you can figure out whats going on... Lactation without pregnancy typically occurs in women of childbearing age, mostly affecting women between the ages of 16 and 40. It is commonly causes by high levels of hormones in the system due to a number of factors. The high hormone levels can be caused by natural bodily changes that occur for every woman at specific points in her life. The high levels of hormones may also be a side effect of taking certain medications and the lactation will cease once the medications are out of the woman’s system. Other reasons why lactation may occur include an unnoticed miscarriage, which may be dismissed as a painful menstrual period, and a glandular issue causing a hormonal imbalance. Although lactation without pregnancy is generally harmless, it may be an indication of a greater problem. If the lactation is caused by a hormonal imbalance, it is very important for the hormonal imbalance be corrected before it can cause more serious issues. If a woman is experiencing lactation without pregnancy, she should be examined by her medical professional as soon as possible to ensure that her health is not in jeopardy. The medical professional will be able to find the reason for the lactation and be able to advise the woman on the best course of action to take to remedy the situation. If the condition is caused by a natural adjustment in the hormones of the body, the only course of action may be to wait until the levels of hormones have adjusted to the proper amounts. Lactation without pregnancy may be benign, but may also be a symptom of a greater issue. All cases of lactation in the absence of pregnancy should be examined by a medical professional to ensure that the woman is still healthy and there are no underlying issues that could cause harm to the woman. Most cases of non-pregnancy lactation resolve themselves in time, but in rare cases, medical intervention may be needed.

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18-Jun-12 11:25 pm
I learned that I had high prolactin levels from lack of progesterone due to coming off the pill. I started taking Vitex and all my wierd side effects are completely gone!
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4-Sep-12 6:44 am
Thank you SO much for posting your outcome. I freaked out when my breasts started producing milk. My GP is doing blood tests and I'm already on vitex, so hopefully I'm on my way back to "normal". Just wondering how long you were taking vitex before you noticed a difference?

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3-Dec-12 7:10 pm
Hello! So sorry for never replying..Vitex worked within about a week.
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