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29-Jun-12 11:56 pm

Hi there,

 I apologize - I don't check this web site very often now days.  I don't have a siggie set up at this time (at least I don't think it will show up when I send this message), but I have two sons and a daughter who is going to be two in September.  She was concieved via high tech - IVF/PGD.  We went with Dr. Lin in Irvine, CA...and in my opinion, he is the best there is.  He is kind, compassionate, has the highest success record, and does some unique payment plans to help families have babies.  They also do all their PGD testing in their own in suite lab, so nothing is moved from that office.  Anyway, I guess that I would be consider a quasi-OHW.  I had to do two egg retrievals (did not get enough the first time, so we upped my meds, froze the first set of embryos, and did a second round).  So I had two retrievals and one embryo transfer.  We put in two perfect little girl embryos and  I got pregnant after the first transfer with both girls - twins!...we lost one very early on.  However, my perfect, beautiful daughter was born into our family nine months later.  She is our icing on the cake!  It's so possible and there was a time when I was in your position - with only the dream of a little girl in my heart.  And she is in her crib sleeping now.  However, I won't tell you that it's all a rosy journey.  It was the hardest time of my life - it's SO expensive, takes incredible time and energy, and is very emotionally draining because you have so  much on the line.  And the fear of failing was constantly with me during that time.  But, it was worth it all and obviously, I cannot imagine life without my little girl now.  I wish you the very best of luck on your journey and with all your big decisions. 

Baby Boy 2001

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Baby Girl 2010 - my IVF/PGD baby girl born on September 2!  Thank you Dr. Lin!