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Shipping Frozen Microsort Sperm To US For IVF/PGD- New Updates

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20-Jul-12 4:01 pm

Congratulations Karma! I'm sure you have a little girl in there!

How long did you need to be in mexico for the IVF?  You didn't do the PGD this time?

Baby Bear Boy - 04

Baby Bear Boy - 07

Pray for a Baby Girl to complete our family!

1x MS IUI bfn Sad

2x MS IUI bfn Tongue Tied

3x MS IUI bfn Envy

4x MS IUI....yes, another bfn Hmm

IVF/PGD fail.  Not a single normal girl out of 10 embryos Sad

IVF/PGD#2 - PUPO with a SET normal girl!!!
Beta #1: 78
Beta #2: 238
My angel in heaven Baby Girl.....where to now??? Hearts