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Anyone trying Ericsson for a boy? Can they test sperm for male/female ratio?

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1-Aug-12 11:51 am


threelittlebirds"]I've heard of cases where a man can produce more of one sex than another, but everything I read says it's a 50/50 split each time.[/quote]

It is definitely a 50/50 split.    In a clinical study by MicroSort, every man tested had 50/50 ratio of X and Y sperm -- and these were men who had fathered at least 3 children of only one gender.  

 [quote user="threelittlebirds:

Can DH's sperm be tested to make sure he is producing both X and Ys.

You could, but it would be quite expensive.  He is making X's and Y's.  :-)



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