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Where did you pick up the heartbeat around 8-13 weeks? What was the gender?

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5-Jun-12 2:43 pm
Where did you pick up the heartbeat around 8-13 weeks? What was the gender?

This baby has stayed on the left in all the ultrasound and now when I use the doppler. I know that is supposed to be the "girl side" but what did you all get?

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5-Jun-12 4:51 pm

 The earliest I heard the HB was around 15 wks, and she looked for it all over on the right side and couldn't find it, so she went to the far left and there it was!  So, so far mine is on the left.  Happy   This bady has curled up in the left side too.. like I could see the bump where the baby was..  DS3 used to do that but he was always on the far right. I even have a pic of him.. you can clearly see him curled up on the right side and I was around 14/15 wks or so. 

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5-Jun-12 4:57 pm
usually pointing my doppler at and angle and kinda pushing down under my pelvic bone I could here it about 8.5+ with my DD wasnt till after 13 wks plus...her placenta was anterior right.
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