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Other people's perceptions...

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8-Jun-12 11:56 am

Honestly Wincha I bet so many ladies are jealous that you have three daughters. I know so many women that only want girls and girls really are desired so much! 3 little girls would be a dream family to so many.

Thanks Serenity. :)  I will remember this whenever I get defensive or down that there are some people out there who thinks I hit the jackpot.  I heard this comment once and it was from my pediatrician, he is awesome!  I think I get uncomfortable because I'm asian and there are lots of asian mommies where I live.  My husband doesn't see it because he is at work and I deal with the mommies every day being a stay at home mom.  Last night, my husband told me that my GD does get to him and that things did change in terms of our marriage after we did pgd/high tech and loss the baby.  I wish he could see how far I've gone and the posts I've made here and how grateful I feel for the family I have. 


Have two Baby Girl!  Expecting baby girl #3 in April! 3 of a kind! :) She's here and I am over my GD!  Our family is complete. Hearts