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13.2 week scan..

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1-Jun-12 7:45 pm

Hi all, new to this but thought I would give it a go and see what everyone thinks. Had my scan done at 13 weeks 2 days and I am unsure if this is a clear enough photo to find a "nub" as I have no idea what I am even meant to be looking for lol.. But here goes :)



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1-Jun-12 7:48 pm

No nub seen, but cute baby :)

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1-Jun-12 9:11 pm
Sorry, can't see a nub either

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1-Jun-12 9:45 pm
No nub

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1-Jun-12 10:53 pm
Sorry, no clues !

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2-Jun-12 4:58 am

 didn't think so but thought I would ask :) thanks anyway :) Wil just have to wait tll 9th July to find out what they think it is :)

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