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Best way to go? Aggressive or low stims?

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12-Jul-12 1:01 am
First cycle we did average stims. We got 12 eggs, 11 fertilized, 10 biopsied. Of those: 7 made it. 2 XY, 2 XX and 3 combo of XY and XX but all had chromosomal abnormalities (5 probe done).

Second cycle aggressive stims yielded 11 eggs, 9 fertilized, 7 sent for biopsy. 5 XY, 1 XX (low grade) and 1 empty. Of the 5 boys (which still stuns me) 3 were monochromatic 18, 2 hb appeared normal (5 panel probe again) but both blighted - 1 confirmed trisomy 10.

I've spent since March getting healthy. You'd be amazed at my journey! Downside to everything is, I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and am being screened for Celiac. End result after all healthy eating is no more gluten. I was going to try again in October, but decided December might be better. Hubby doesn't want to try again if this cycle doesn't work. If I can't get this to work, nothing else I try would work I fear. Still researching everything!!!

12-5-09: IVF/PGD - Transferred Baby BoyBaby Boy - BFP 9dp5dt
1st beta:  9dp5dt = 86
2nd beta: 12dp5dt = 306
u/s : 1-04-10 Baby Boy
M/C at 12 weeks.Heartbroken

Transferred Baby BoyBaby Boy 1-20-12 BFP 4dp5dt! (could've been 3 if I'd used a FRER) 1st beta: 9dp5dt = 199! 2nd beta: 12dp5dt = 635 3rd beta: 17dp5dt = 2790 2 blighted ovums at 5W5D ~ Missed Miscarriage at 12 weeks. NOT GIVING UP! Changing ME!!!