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TTC Boy in June

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20-Jun-12 7:26 am

Oh BB you're so sweet to ask how im doing. Sorry you are feeling so sick but as you said it is a good sign Happy Smile

good luck Strawbell, xx3wantaxy and Mallety with testing! i cant wait to start the testing again, just want to see two lines instead of one next time!!!!

 Sorry to hear about AF Ngocsura Sad

Hey Prettyblu if i want milk for something ive been having oat milk with 0 calcium, hope thats ok. ive steered clear of chicken because its on tier three of the girl diet and like xx3wantaxy i usually eat chicken 4-5 nights and have two girls.

 ooooh xx3wantaxy thats exciting with the possible line....FX

Im on day 9 here and really over all this boy stuff. Im having trouble keeping up or just keep putting it off. All the drinks, supps, food, BSF, robutissun, +ions Tongue Tied and opks starting day after tomorrow! sorry i know everyone is/has going/gone through the same, just over it and after a BFN last month i now realise this could take longer than i thought.

My youngest DD is 2 in August and if we are to have another girl i really want them to have an age gap similar to DD1 and 2 so if this doesnt work this month i may be have to throw it all. DH already wants to Sad

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