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TTC Boy in June

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8-Jun-12 4:06 am


 Ok Ladies....

My biorhythms were right for only one of my three daughters according to  They think this baby was conceived in a strong boy zone.

My chinese moon signs are right for 2 and wrong for 1 ........They think this baby is in boy zone.

Moon gender prediction - 2 were right and 1 was wrong. This baby is in girl sign.

So, in conclusion.....I think I'm lucky I didn't consider any of this in my attempt as for me it obviously doesn't work. Tongue Tied

Same for me! Although I'm not double checking now as it'll be another thing to obsess about!

I didn't think I would be this nervous, but I think because I have swayed, and now I know about swaying, I'm more nervous if that makes sense?