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TTC Boy in June

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4-Jun-12 4:14 am
****Amy****Fx yours turns positive soon Happy Smile what DPO are you sorry? ****Noodle**** congratulations!!!! That sure looks  positive to me! ****Wasabi**** congratulations!! Thinking lots of blue thoughts for you!!  ****Fourgrlssofar****sorry to hear that AF came. If your up for attempting this month maybe you could ask the other ladies about soy iso to try bring O forward? I know Strawbell and BB used this.  ****Ssableu****congrats on your attepmt! I'm not familiar with the CBFM but if u get high within the next day I wouldn't attempt with lower sperm count, maybe if it's 3 days later? Do u temp to confirm O? **** BB**** fx you dont get full blown sick again!! With your body working so hard to create your blue bean it's not surprising though Happy ****I'm 6 DPO today and took a dip stick because I have about 10 free surprise was negative lol it did cure me of testing for a couple of days though...i think ha ha ha

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