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Can you tell the sex of my baby from this ultrasound photo????

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29-May-12 11:32 pm
The picture was at 19 weeks & 3 days. (I am 20.5 weeks right now). I got a potty shot & was told what the tech thought was the sex/gender....then she said well 80-90%.....which is obviously a high percentage, but I am having doubts as I seen the shot fast & am now looking at this pic (which she printed out for me) & wondered if anyone that is more experienced than me can tell! Or if you have a guess please feel free to share! Let me know what your seeing exactly :) Thanks so much PS - doing a 3d ultrasound on June whole family thinks I am nuts & should just go with what the tech said & not to go pay for another ultrasound, but I think it would put my mind at ease....I was thinking to tell my husband the day before so I can't cancel anymore! lol He may be peed but I need to know now that I am not sure anymore lol Thanks!
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