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Ttc Girl Sway and have a few questions

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27-May-12 9:46 pm
Hi I am new here although I have been coming to this website for a while to get info for Ttc for a baby girl. DH and I have been preparing and are planning to use the Shettles method and various other things. We are trying in July. Since last month, we have been taking our supplements and eating the girl diet to lower our ph levels. My question is, in the mean time, what kind I protection should we use? We are planning on using Skyn latex free lubricated condoms. Does anybody know if the lubrication on condoms interfere with my vaginal ph levels? Or are they ok to use in the mean time? We are stopping BDing a week and a half before we try. Thank you!!
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28-May-12 9:46 am
I have no idea about the condoms, sorry! I just wanted to wish you luck, my Dh and I will be trying in August. We're starting the supplements next week!
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28-May-12 12:36 pm
I am not sure either but in the FAQ I think Tamara recommends using condoms before you are making your attempt. Good luck! We are trying for a girl in July/August too!!!

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28-May-12 2:27 pm
Thanks guys! I would like a new buddy so we can share our ttc experiences!
Having a MIRACLE baby Baby Bear GirlGIRL!!!
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