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So confused!! Has this ever happened to you??

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26-May-12 7:12 pm

Okay, so I have 3 little girls with a big gap between my first two and my last. She is 2 now and we have been trying off and on (we chickened out a few times lol) for a fourth and final baby. I got pregnant with my first two on one shot and was much younger and had regular periods. With the last one I had gone as long as a couple years without a period and used ovulation tests to pinpoint it and got pregnant twice on one try with the first ending in a miscarriage and second resulting in my last daughter. Since then we have tried and tried (when we do and when we do (brace for TMI- we do it every day or two) and although I admit to not being as religious about using the ovulation tests and I don't have regular periods still at all, I think I may not be ovulating anymore. I have always gotten the EWCM and cramps with ovulation and I don't have that anymore and haven't gotten a postive in quite some time (but like I said, I also haven't been very good at testing). I have had several chemical pregnancies and a couple miscarriages this past year too. Also, my husband takes biweekly testosterone shots so I'm afraid that may be playing in too. I also have a tilted uterus. I am starting to realize that I am lucky I was ever able to get pregnant with all my issues haha. I definitely took my fertility for granted. I am a very fate-minded person, so I just go with the flow. Strangely, I got a positive pregnancy test result recently and then they were negative again, but now my boobs are sore, but the tests are still negative! Has anyone gotten a positive and then negatives again for a while even while developing symptoms? All the tests I took were using first morning urine. Also, anyone have a husband taking any form of testosterone have sperm count issues and if so, what did you do to correct it short of stopping the treatment altogether? I researched it and it sounds relatively common, but not sure what to do about it. We only have a window for TTC of a couple more months and I think sperm count take several weeks to come back. We are going to take an at home sperm count test in a bit and I'll update with those results soon. Thanks in advance for the help and actually reading this rediculous rant Stick out tongue!

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30-May-12 8:26 am
Sorry no idea about this but felt bad for your situation. So just bumping this post.

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5-Jul-12 1:25 am

 I am not sure either. When I had my first 3 boys I got pregnant from doing the deed once and now ttc a girl I am having a hard time. Been 4 months now and nothing. When you find out anything let us know and keep trying. Hope you get you BFP soon. 

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