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20 & 23 week scan images, can you tell the gender? Appreciate any technicians views!

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26-May-12 12:32 pm
We've had our 20 and a 23 week scan but haven't been told the sex. My husband really didn't want to find out but I'm keen to at least have a guess. He has said he doesn't mind me posting here as long as I don't tell him what people think or buy anything gender specific (which I wouldn't anyway as you can't be 100%). I don't think the pictures are very clear but maybe somebody with an expert eye will be able to hazard a guess of more than 50/50 which is all I have at the moment! Really appreciate anyone's views on this! I also have a 12+4 week scan picture if that would help but I guess it would be too early to be useful?
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26-May-12 12:33 pm
Here is the 23 week scan:
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26-May-12 12:46 pm
Sorry, not sure how to post multiple images in one post, here is another 23 week picture
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26-May-12 12:57 pm

Finally here is the 12+4 one just in case that contains any clues ...

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26-May-12 1:17 pm

 No gender clues in any of your pics.. Congrats on baby though! 


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26-May-12 2:21 pm

You are safely team green!

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26-May-12 6:29 pm
no clues hun, sorry

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26-May-12 7:12 pm
I have to agree with the clues at all.  But that is one adorable baby!!  Congrats!

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26-May-12 7:56 pm
No gender clues.

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