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DIY Gender Predictors


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25-May-12 4:34 pm

Please remember ALWAYS be careful and these at home tests are JUST FOR FUN!!!

I know it's probably been done to death but thought it would be fun to have an at home Do It Yourself Gender prediction thread. I am 7 weeks today and thought I would keep a running tab of the DIY at home tests. I will list the ones below if anyone else has any they want me to add let me know or if you tried it tell us your result and if it was correct.



FMU- First Morning Urine

MAU- Mid Afternoon Urine

LEU- Late Evening Urine

BST- Baking Soda Test Take a teaspoon of baking soda and put it in the bottom of a disposable cup add FMU and if it Fizzles, Foams, Bubbles, and Sizzles it's a BOY Baby Bear Boy If it does NOTHING or slightly fizzes it's a GIRL Baby Bear Girl

SUT- Salt Urine Test  You will need: A transparent glass Salt (fine salt) Your own (morning) urine FMU

What to do!  PG for less than two months (8 weeks) use FMU ONLY. Anything past 8 weeks any urine is OK Take the glass and fill the bottom with a layer of salt. Pour your urine over the salt and make sure the glass is about half filled with urine. Results in MAX 4 minutes

Result: Do you see that the color of your urine changed (a little) and started to look cloudy, and/or a kind of bubble or cloudy pattern layer (on the surface) has been formed? It’s A Boy

Do you see that your urine still has the same color and remains clear, and/or a sort of elongated streaks swim from the bottom to the surface and immediately disappear? It’s a Girl Baby Bear Girl

WARNING Be Careful when mixing bleach & urine do it outside

BLUT- Bleach Urine Test Take bleach and urine equal parts ratio 1:1 and mix them together a clear cup or see through glass if it bubbles tiny bubbles and looks like Sprite or 7-Up it's a GIRL Baby Bear Girl

If it bubbles alot fizzes, sizzles, foams or makes noise or any kind of bubbly activity it's a BOY Baby Bear Boy

Brat23 7 weeks

4 pm MAU Old BS from Fridge BST- No Fizz dead still = Baby Bear Girl

4 pm MAU BLUT- Bubble slightly like Sprite going flat = Baby Bear Girl

4 pm MAU SUT Color remained the same slight streaking on bottom = Baby Bear Girl

I will try again in the morning with FMU and new box of BS and retest with the Old BS to I will do it once a week til Gender Scan

Brat23 7wks 1 day FMU:

6:30 am BST- Light Fizz and made noise for 4 seconds so I guess Baby Bear Boy

6:30 am SUT- Nothing no color change no streaks just sat there so Baby Bear Girl

6:30 am BLUT- Not much looked like sprite and bubbled a few cluster bubbles in the middle otherwise pretty flat Baby Bear Girl

Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Boy


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27-May-12 10:17 pm
How neat of you to take the time to type this out.  Of these, I have only tried the BS test at like 7 weeks and it did not fizz.  But, it was also really old baking soda, which I've heard can cause it not to fizz (just let me tell myself for now, K?)

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