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Well this was unexpected...

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2-Jul-12 11:45 pm
Tinks, you are so right! I met with my fertility doc this past Thursday. Unfortunately, as of last week, my beta was at 24, not zero yet. Also, because of the methotrexate used to treat the ectopic, the docs won't do an egg retrieval until September. (3 months from metho shot) So here's the plan. I need to continue weekly blood draws til I see a beta of 0. In the meantime, I'm on DHEA and CoQ10 for egg improvement After I get AF back, I need to go in for day 3 blood draws, and have another HSG, saline hysteroscopy and tons o' blood work. With the next cycle after that one, I may be able to get started, as long as it's after the middle of August. We'll do a luteal estrace prep again (can't do bc pills because of the clotting issues i have) with MDL Flare protocol (because of high FSH and low AMH) They're maxing me out to 300 menopur and 300 bravelle...and adding in growth hormone- Saizen, during stims Then we'll do a day 5 biopsy and a frozen transfer, which won't take place until probably November. It feels like a huge mountain, part of me is absolutely dreading it, but a part of me is a little excited- hoping and praying I can have success this time. What does your go forward plan look like? I'm gonna need some cycle buddies. :-)