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Well this was unexpected...

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25-May-12 3:08 pm

 Hi there ladies, some of you may remember me.   Here's a short version of my story:

17 year old son, 14 year old daughter, 8 year old daughter then got tubes tied...

divorced- then married new husband... got tubes untied in April 2007 ($$)...resulted in one tube open, and one completely scarred shut.

TTC for many many cycles, added clomid, IUIx4 ($$$), found out I have blood clotting disorder and dimished ovarian reserve (high FSH, low AMH) and hubby's sperm counts and morphology are not good at all.

finally went to IVF in August 2008 ($$$$)... got pregnant and had another daughter- my husband's first (now 3 years old)

Husband desperately wants a son... had 7 frosties from previous IVF... had them thawed, 2 survived and tested via GSN ($$$)- 1 boy (abnormal) and 1 girl (normal)

Went through another IVF cycle in summer 2011 ($$$$$)... got 5 embryos, all 5 normal, all 5 girls.   No transfer.  A whole cheerleading squad now on ice.

This past Sunday I put a note on my calendar to call my fertility doc to schedule our next shot at getting a boy... But Tuesday, lo and behold, I took a pregnancy test and found out that after 5 stinkin' years I got pregnant on my own.  

 Of course, I'm over the moon that we got pregnant on our own, but terrified that this won't be a boy...because I desperately want to be done having kids after this!

 These are the only boards I felt comfortable sharing my feelings on...I know i'm safe here.

 First beta was Wednesday- 44

Second was today - 125

But my progesterone was really low- 8.5 as of Wednesday, so I'm on progesterone now.  

This is going to be like the longest 11 weeks of my life (before i can go get a 3d ultrasound and find out the gender)!

 I'm off to try to catch up on everyone else here.