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Did I take it too far?

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25-May-12 2:13 am

Hi ladies, I'm 1dpo ttc a girl to complete my family. We dtd with a 2 day cut off and have been using replens to keep my PH at 4.5, I've also cut out red meat, bananas, potatoes, caffeine etc. I've been taking calcium and magnesium supplements. We used some sylk when we bd but not sure how much stayed in there, my main conern is that I have no cm, I'm so dry and I'm worried now that I've gone too far and all the swimmers would have died off - is it good to be this dry or not?

 Thanks x


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25-May-12 9:16 am
Time will tell. You do want a dry environment but it could be too dry for you or it may not be. It's been done before and success pregnancies have come out of it. If you don't get pg this cycle, you could tone it down next cycle.

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25-May-12 12:07 pm

I got very dry the day after my O too. I didn't have much ewcm this cycle but used ew ( I know you are ttc girl not boy) but after I O I get dry and sticky for a few days then it returns to normal, maybe this is the case for you? Also, the sperm that are in the cervix and uterus by now wont be effected by how you vagina feels, so that's a plus too! GL to you!!

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26-May-12 2:41 pm
Thanks for replying, I wasnt sure if you were supposed to be that dry, It was like that after bd - I'm not sure if it was the replens.

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26-May-12 5:00 pm
Hi Moz, I was very dry this month around and after O due to all the supplements etc, and I am now pregnant, so clearly it doesnt affect your ability to conceive...! Good luck!

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