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Any lady who know from which ovary she is pregnant, please come on.

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4-Jul-12 9:36 am
Absolutely Ariel. As TTC said, she only has one ovary and she has conceived both genders. So it is just for fun, like all of these OWTs.
No it's not an OWT. Nature has given two organs for most of functions. Like I said above, If one is gone the other remaining """"adopts"""" to the needs and does the double amount of work. Same happens if one fallopian tube is removed or one kidney is removed. One eyed persons are smarter than two eyed ones, LOL, because of this adaptation. Their heads move around like a robot, because that one eye needs to see more and quickly. In fact, old generals in army, used to cover one eye with some black felt (donno what they call it), simply to gain this dexterity. God designed living creatures to continue and live their life whatever is in their stock. That is why even after severe auto accidents, many persons recover after some time.