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Boy or Girl. Does it matter??

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23-May-12 10:45 am
I truly understand how people can be upset by the sex but (and please dont jump down my throat) be thankful for a healthy baby. As a mum who lost a baby from a birth defect at birth it saddens me when people actually get upset and cry because their baby isnt the sex they wanted (my friend actually cried on my shoulder, and id lost my much wanted baby). I would do anything to have my son back and i truly mean that my heart broke when i lost him. Any baby is a blessing which am sure you all know so next time you feel slightly dissapointed please smile for the fact your baby is healthy.Your baby is a miracle but never take them for granted.. before you have chance to say hello you could be saying goodbye. Your baby is a blessing and whatever sex it is, its how you love and care for him her that will make them the person you will be so proud of when bigger. I can understand why some people are upset when they have all sons or daughters and would lvoe the oppersit sex but for me id just like a healthy baby. Hope i havent offended i havent set out to just wanted to say every baby is a special gift xxx
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